Welcome to Emil Mueller Germany

Our company is specialized in machines for the food industry and our offer contains for example our patented EMPA® sausage machines, filling machines, cooking-, cooling- and defrosting machines.

The company was founded in 1931 as casing- and spice wholesale. Today our offer contains the conception and sale of processing- and production lines for the entire food industry.

EMPA® Sausage-Filler

Simultaneous filling of two or three products in different colours.
The patented EMPA® filling system can fill sausages with different components in one single operation.


The designs and diameters as well as the used products

(sausage meat, vegetables, cheese etc.) is up to the customer’s individual choice.

Sausage-production made easy

Tailor-made sausages with your own form and motive
Sausage length, form and design are being adapted to your requirements.
Design your individual sausage:
• Pattern (inside)
• Shape
• Diameter
• Length
The EMPA® models 1030/2 and 1030/3 are made for filling in your end design and can produce up to 1 000 kg per hour.
The high-performance model EMPA® 1030/2CL is fitted with a clipper. This
model is processing shirred casings to round sausages
with a corresponding higher capacity.